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The Egyptian civilization used a number of different crowns throughout its existence. .... Temples, tombs, & hieroglyphs: a popular history of ancient Egypt. 2nd ed. Royal Crowns - Ancient Egypt White crown. The White Crown symbolised the pharaoh's control over Upper Egypt,and was worn on occasions involving Upper Egypt only. Crowns of Egypt & Headdreses of Egyptian Gods ***

The two crowns are first seen together on the Narmer palette (from the 31 st century BC) which commemorates the unification of Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt under King Narmer of Upper Egypt. Subsequent to the unification of the two lands, the two crowns are also sometimes shown unified as the Pschent, the Double Crown of Egypt.

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The Atef Crown was the crown of Osiris, although it was also worn by Sobek, Heryshef, Satet and other deities when combined with Osiris (such as Sokar). It is composed of a central element much like the Hedjet (the White Crown of Upper Egypt), woven from plant stems and … Crowns of Egypt & Headdreses of Egyptian Gods Crowns of Egypt. The history the ancient Egyptians and the significance of the red, white and double crown of Egypt Headdresses and Crowns of Egypt Discover the history and religious beliefs surrounding the different types and styles of the crown of Egypt. The red, white and double crown of Egypt feature in many images, hieroglyphs,... The Crowns of Ancient Egypt – Archaeology of Ancient Egypt Oct 02, 2014 · Post navigation. The White Crown of Upper Egypt, or Hedjet, was a symbol of royalty or kingship appearing all the way back in predynastic times. The first depictions appear in the Naqada II period (somewhere around 3500-3200 BC) in northern Nubia. How the crown adopted to Egyptian use is up in the air; it could have migrated and was adopted,... Crowns of Egypt | emblem |

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